🇳🇬 Who are Nigeria's Boko Haram? | Inside Story

After a wave of assaults hit Nigeria, Inside Story asks what motivates the Islamist group’s rising violence in Africa’s most populous nation. Guests: David Zounmenou, Jonathan Offei-Ansah, and Anthony Goldman.

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22 thoughts on “🇳🇬 Who are Nigeria’s Boko Haram? | Inside Story”

  1. This problem in Nigeria isn't only infecting us in Nigeria but also in other countries looking us like crime and criminal,so bad to Nigeria because other countries are going faster in Technology but Nigeria is still fighting crime and bad leadership in Nigeria 🇳🇬

  2. Like ISIS and Al Qaeda America created Boko Haram to destroy Africa if they dont go digging for the diamond. This world of Evil demons care nothing about people's lives. And they will create and fund evil until they take control of the planet.

  3. And again the people who is sponsor boko haram enter Nigeria there people from northern east Nigeria because most of Nigeria villagers people way there carry cross sea enter Europe there one using there blood kidnapping Asian woman way there calling there self Arab woman enter Nigeria show all those woman way northern Nigeria people are kidnapping go to Nigeria there continent men are looking for way to go and gained grand in Nigeria and not all Nigeria like there law because every one no all over the world the if you like you be a black man or you be olive color if you accommodate white color you the one you we listing to there world the white people can't listing to world oooo and not all tribes we get in Nigeria like to listing to another person words ooo

  4. Boko haram is not Islamic society is a intranational terrorist but there just using Islamic name operated because the people way there accommodate there people from middle east and people from north Africa and also most of European country way Arab get power are also accommodate them the same way them sponsor Liberia war the are one there looking for way to sponsor war enter Nigeria and if them told military to be monitor the harms way there using to operate then no that the same country who give Liberia rabble to fitted war in there country are the who is giving Nigeria boko haram also weapons to terrorise Nigeria ooo

  5. Black Afrikans, it's time to understand that bokoharam are an exterblishment of an Agenda created by the, CIA, And FBI in order to perpetuate A population Agenda to reduce, kill the images of afrika to

  6. All I can say is that boko haram is the northerners political game play to kill people poor Christian in country hate less evil Islam religion

  7. Funny discussion. All four panelist not even Nigerians and they discussing Boko Haram Lol. The Asian media have joined the western media in their senseless propaganda of character assassination of black people

  8. "A Whiter Shade of Pale" was a great song by Boko Haram, but that does not excuse the prog rock band from acts of terrorism in Nigeria. Plus I hear that Chad and Jeremy are having a Civil War.

  9. CIA do these kind of bomb attack and blames on boko haram they also do in various parts of the world and blame there terrorist groups.

  10. My friend it was British gaining the whole things in nigeria British know what to do to stop thats nonsence

  11. Their song in 1967 called "A Whiter Shade of Pale" was great. But I really think this British pop group is really overstepping its bounds when it commits atrocities in northeastern Nigeria. I hear that they are also aiding Jeremy in Chad.

  12. Well – if you have a warmongering pedophile as your "perfect example to all humanity" – then what do you expect.

  13. The richest most kleptocratic country does not care about citizens slaughtered by Muslim Fundamentalist Opportunists. This is all BS. The guys in power all have Suisse accounts with tens of Billions of oil revenue. Africa works like this: the guys in power, take the power, keep the power and rape their fellow citizens until someone repeats the process. Sad country, in a very sad continent, in a hopeless, futureless society. Boka Harum is encouraged and supported by the boys in the Capitol. NO schools, no hospitals, no mercy. This is the African way and it will never change

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