12 Incredible Facts About Nigeria

Incredible Facts About Nigeria.
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46 thoughts on “12 Incredible Facts About Nigeria”

  1. This is Ayo ( joy)
    She gets bullied in school for her heritage and doesnt have any friends
    1 like: she makes 1 friend

  2. The amount of butchered pronunciations 😂😂. You did good though.
    Though you should work on better pronunciation and representation.
    Plus that meal you showed isn't Nigerian jollof rice

  3. My ancestors came from Nigeria majority of them which I found out looking at my genetic results ^_^ " I'm african American,

  4. First Incredible fact about Nigeria : 70% of the population live with less than 1§ a day, while Nigeria is the 12-th oil productor in the world. 2nd incredible fact : In average, a Nigerian countrywoman has 6 children. Those are the facts that we should not forget, and that need to be changed.

  5. What is the Niger river called before we adopted the colonialists renamed it?

    Christianity, hmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

    Judaism 🙂

  6. Did this dude just went back in time to take images of Nigeria because Nigeria looks nothing like that

  7. Rolling my eyes!🙄 you portrayed Nigeria to be backward and more underdeveloped than it is which is not the case. Visit Nigeria and you'd understand what I'm talking about.

  8. my channel is all REAL facts about INDIA. subscribe and share if you like any one of them. suggest me with some good advice if you have.

  9. Yo bro i love your video but guy why you only show the little villages we have quite a lot of cities and all this your pictures are probably from the 1990's

  10. I had the pleasure of living and working in Kano, Nigeria for a year. I love the Hausa people in the North. They are kind, humble and ambitious. I miss my friends and the amazing people there.

  11. Why did you quote so many wrong facts ? Please look at the comments complaining about this video, take it down and produce a better video with more accurate facts and imagery of my country. We don't have 'Three basic' religions. The pronounciation is poor but it can be overlooked. In general this video comes across as very disrespectful to Nigeria and Nigerians.

  12. Thank you for your info. We loved learning about Nigeria from your video. We want a part two! 🙂

    Our second grade class

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