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  1. Long before the internet we still had entrepreneurs. I had friends in 4H who helped me get started in horses and in return I got them started in chickens. They went HARD into it as they had the infrastructure already on their new farm but no poultry yet. Within ONE YEAR she had a seven figure contract at about age 16 with Gold N Plump ( I think). Her very pretty chickens was running on a treadmill for less than 30 sec. Now, she had to read and put in time everyday raising these animals and show several different breeds in several different shows but it does work and she ended up paying off her parents new farm. She still lives there after 20 years as I just had my kids go to her "Horse Camp" ($500 a week in the summer per kid). She spends her days with animals and kids doing what she feels is important being followed by her many dogs. Even her cow has an instagram and has been featured on the news when it turned One year old as it was thrown a Birthday Party. Yes, he cow had a birthday party on a big local news affiliate and facebook, instagram, and people want to pay for it's feed. To me it's a cow that was supposed to go to slaughter and she "saved" it and is letting it live on her property as one cow among 200 horses doesn't make a big difference on the feed bill. I don't know that I would have wasted the time or money on a sickly calf that was supposed to go to slaughter.

  2. Hi Ryan! First of all, amazing content! I am sixteen and I was always looking for someone to tell me these ideas. I am so glad that I was able to find your channel 😊 I have few questions after I saw this video.

    On regards to your social media influencer platform, what are some advices that you can give to increase the number of "organic" followers?

    Second, when you choose a specific niche, how can you continue to have the content to give to your audience? Whether it ranges from pugs in the pool to martial arts, it feels like that content will run out. Any advice on that?

    I'd love to get started on this, and I love your channel! Hopefully to talk to you soon.


    Andy Lee

  3. I plan on maybe doing some work with filming using drones but I'll have to wait until next year until I'm old enough to get all the right stuff filed with the FAA for commercial use

  4. I started an instagram yesterday about graphic design which is something I'm passionate about. In one day I already have 80 followers and can't wait to keep this up and in 6 months I'm hoping to be able to email you how it's going. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂 if you wanna check it out is "designsbyoscar"

  5. Girl in my school started off with fake likes and followers until she started doing shoutout for shoutout. Now she makes 2k a week off of advertising for people on her page

  6. yo man i am 17 years old and i have been watching your videos for a while , you inspired me to start investing , really love your videos and passion ,

  7. This video was very inspiring. I've wanted to open up a store for a long time and I think an Instagram account is perfect first step.

  8. Ryan, take from a semi- retired 63 YO, still living my dream. YOU THE MAN. When my children were young, we would "grow" a small business together. Using tools, skills, spare time and often not more than $20.00 to $50.00 seed money. We had an instant income for as long as we wanted to work that business. When I was 16, there was no Instagram or any of the social net services, we had to be more physical. I think the opportunities are greater than ever for the motivated person.

  9. 4:35 lol… like that Edit 🙂 Good Video, Keep It Up!
    Starting out Slowly, on this channel but I find it easier to talk about financials then programming and app development, I would always have to figure out what kind of app to make or what to showcase v.s financials where it's opinionated to a point, but showcase multiple ways to invest and get somewhere rather then sink

  10. Hey can you talk about bitcoin if you have any thoughts on it? Possibly address things like purchasing, selling, mining etc.

  11. This is awesome, definitely the push that I needed to finally do what I love, I'm going to start a instagram page on veganism and food recipes! Thanks so much!!

  12. My brother who lived in Seattle for college, did the junk removal thing. He had an old truck and decided to make some use of it. He made $100-200 an hour doing so.

  13. Very realistic look at how long it takes to build an online business, didn't know about these sponsored Instagram posts!
    Really appreciate your realistic advice, it's hard to find that on Youtube haha.

  14. Good information! Thanks Ryan! I'm been trying to pick a niche to become an social media influencer like you said with like Instagram and YouTube channel. Again great video 👍🏾

  15. Thanks for cutting out the bullshit. Can't stand people who promote the survey and ad watching crap. Oh make 0.50 a day and it will add up. Yeah no it won't but I've seen plenty of channels still trying to promote it.

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