9 Movies That Scammed You With Fake Foreshadowing

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Addicts listed under ..

STAR WARS EPISODE 6 – 0:51 to 1:45

Great designs and locations to seek out – 1:45 to 2:40

Not Resumable – 2:40 to three:34


THE BODYGUARD – 4:16 to five:05

DJANGO UNCHAINED – 5:05 to five:50

University of non – members – 5:45 to six:45

ALIENS – 6:45 till 7:29

Avengers: Omar ULTRON – 7:29 to eight:05.

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47 thoughts on “9 Movies That Scammed You With Fake Foreshadowing”

  1. I clicked cause Hawkguy was a definite false foreshadow that people looked at me weird when I made a point of it after the film. Quicksilver dying instead was actually pretty cheap, when you consider no one was expecting anyone to die in that movie to begin with. Though his scene with Scarlett Witch in Civil War was good on its own.

  2. You guys suck over here, tell me when Jules rules all of your channels, cause right now I can only enjoy the gaming channel

  3. You guys suck over here, tell me when Jules rules all of your channels, cause right now I can only enjoy the gaming channel

  4. In every Stark Trek show other than the Original, Redshirts are actually Command Staff, while the Yellow is for Engineering Officers.

  5. Nah. Hawkeye wasn't being set up as dead meat – his secret family was. Seriously, why the Hell would he take the Avengers to hang out with his family when he knows there's a mass-murdering robot looking for the team? That's just begging for them to die and give Hawkeye a reason to go on a heroic rampage…

  6. I don't think its really a scam to trick you in a trailer. If every scene in a trailer was in the movie, then we would complain "ugh they put the best parts in the trailer"

  7. You missed Ex Machina. For over an hour, they hit you over the head with the Bladerunner-esque "Who is the real robot here?" only to completely drop this idea in the end in the most incompetent way imaginable. They build up the protagonist to be much more robotic than the evident robot, which is in turn much more human than the supposed human – and then they simply go "meh… fuck dat" in the end. Worst foreshadowing ever.

  8. Evidently, you do not understand Bishop's role in Aliens: he is the one who plants the alien eggs on board the escape craft in order to bring home the specimens that he is programmed to retrieve. Why do you think it takes him so long to pick up Ridley with the escape ship in the end? He was built by the same corporation as Ash, after all, and (as is confirmed in Alien 3 later) of course their goals do not change – why would they? Bishop saving the protagonists is not only a well-executed diversion (the damage to his body is reparable, so what does he lose?), but also a story necessity: he needs host organisms to transport the aliens safely. 57 years of tech advancements do lead to an android that is able to hide his prime directives better than Ash, and he is also better at manipulating the humans around him. I'd call that pretty evil.

  9. If the tertiary device ‘foreshadowing’ ever ‘scammed’ you; you’re too stupid for movies and therefore life. Self-euthanise immediately, you stupid tool.

  10. Kind of sick of the redshirt joke constantly. It only really exists in a few episodes of the Original series only…its one of those jokes people ran with without understanding the context or source material.

  11. I liked League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. It was one of the first fantasy/hero-type films I can recall and, though it may not be the best story told, it certainly isn't as deserving of all the hate I see it get when it's brought up. My tastes have expanded and matured since then but it is still a hokey little yarn I can find a place for no matter how big my collection grows.

  12. Huh. I never took Han's bad feeling for his own death…I thought he felt Lando was gonna die, that the Falcon was gonna be destroyed.

  13. Wanda did accidentally kill Hawkeye so they had to find a replacement equal to his skill and importance so they paid a 15 year old high school girl who's on the archery team to wear a wig to replace him

  14. Last Jedi. Rey will lose a hand.
    Mentor killed in last film
    First battle after some kind of training
    Using the Skywalker Saber
    Came from a sand planet
    Battle takes place on a ship or space station (not a planet)
    All the signs pointed to it but nope. She kept all her hands.

  15. Hold on your complaining about films that made YOU assume the wrong assumption.

    Are you fucking kidding me.

    This channel is getting as bad as Thinktank and Looper.

    Talk about about pointless viewing.

  16. so i take it this guy actually likes the league of extraordinary gents cuz no one has ever actually talked about that film on this site. just how awful it was and how it killed connery's career

  17. You know, we already subscribe…. And it's annoying that in every F**** video you put that…. At this point in live, everyone knows that can subscribe if they want. You saying it it's like you want to force someone to do something that they don't want to do….. So stop……

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