A Brief History of Nigeria (by Jide Olanrewaju)

A fantastic perception perception into the previous, current, and possibly future of Nigeria.

**I don’t personal this video or the contents herein**


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37 thoughts on “A Brief History of Nigeria (by Jide Olanrewaju)”

  1. Thank you so much for putting this together Mr. Jide Olarenwaju. I gained more knowledge from it. I pray and hope for a better Nigeria. God bless Nigeria and Nigerians

  2. vote Mr sowore omoyele for president take it back take it back take it back take it back take it back

  3. Look at how we are spread all over the world,because of bad leadership, our children are suffering in the western world ,they're drying everyday, go to Libya and see,how our children are dying in the desert and the sea infarct, its annoying friend, the innocent blood must cry out from now,its time to take Nigerian back,I am advising the youth to wake up ,I thank God now that,our children are in the diaspora seeing how things are been done there, God bless Nigerian?

  4. God bless the man who have been able to keep this record till date ,for the young once coming up to see and listen to

  5. Great Piece Mr Jide. More Grace. I weep for this country but I know sooner, very soon, Nigeria will breakthrough and we shall be great!

  6. everybody is praising him for a great documentary but i smell something . Wachuku said they request some autonomy witin the frame work of the british empire. that does not sound like a fight for independence. that sounds like begging your master for better working conditions for the slave population.

  7. I think Northern soldiers have done a wise move to put Gowon who was a christian and a northerner to lead Nigeria in 1966 coup. They could have lost Biafra war if a muslim northerner was the President of Nigeria by that time.

  8. Most Nigerian people that are supposed to benefit from watching this video are always crying that they don't have enough Data (so sad)

  9. Please I need to contact you Mr. Jide. I’ve searched google for some form of contact information and I can’t find it. If you can kindly reply this message so I can find a way to obtain your contact information. Thank you.

  10. Am I the only one shocked to find out that Unilever are the ones who sold Nigeria as a property and we now love them today.

  11. If you don't know your past history, you can't charter a better future.
    The British didn't give us Independence to succeed, it was given with a setup for failure or Northern domination.
    FELA has always and will continue to be my Greatest Nigerian Hero.
    Look at how many times this people raised their hands and promised to be faithful to the Country when they can't even be faithful to their wife.
    What cracked me up the most is how fast most Nigerians turns to God during Abacha's time in office (Satan at the helm of power).

  12. With love from Namibia. I washed evert minute of you documentary. Thank you for documenting such and important and information story.

    I wish you good health so that you can make more films.

  13. i want to thank you for the effort you puT into this inspirational journey…i accept your challenge and would do everything i possibly can to make sure i leave Nigeria in a better state than i was born in…Hope is alive..courage and action is needed..success is the goal..AFRICANISM

  14. This was brilliantly done man! This information and history is invaluable, and I appreciate you taking the time out to create this video.

  15. what really got me ashamed was the way those white journalist was describing Nigerian men as scam and the only way to make money was through crime.

  16. what a story….thanks you so much for this history…i promise to serve my country better from now on….proudly nigerian

  17. An interesting journey through Nigeria's past;a job well done by Jide Olanrewaju. Thanks for sharing it!

  18. Nice one but you mislabelled Zik. The man who gave a speech in London flanked by Mrs Kuti, is Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, 1st President of Nigeria.

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