A trip to Abuja (Genevieve Nnaji) - 2017 Nigerian movies|latest 2017 Nigerian movies|trending movies


2017 should watch movies.
Starring: Genevieve Nnaji, Tony Omole and so forth…
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A trip to Abuja (Genevieve Nnaji) – 2017 Nigerian movies|latest 2017 Nigerian movies|trending movies
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50 thoughts on “A trip to Abuja (Genevieve Nnaji) – 2017 Nigerian movies|latest 2017 Nigerian movies|trending movies”

  1. Why are Nigeria lawyer are wearing Whigs don't they know that's European brought that shit make African to hate their own hair so that they can looks like European when are they going to learn…

  2. Old but still very much interesting to see. Days are gone when nollywood produces gud, authentic stories like this. The movie actually addresses Genevieve status till date. Successful, smart, but still single just d way she played d role. Still one of my favorite actress and movie ever.

  3. Gennevieve nnaija is a gorgeous woman man she just like a sista i went to highschool with back in louisiana

  4. Don't mind people, to talk is free you can't pay for it, as far as am concerned am enjoying back movie that's all, if you do listening to cretisizen you can do nothing

  5. i can see everyone is complaining about the movie it's my first time to watch it so where is part 2 so i can complete the enjoyment 😋😋

  6. flash back movies are ok, plz don't upload as a new movie with a different title. be honest if we like we will watch it. thanks.

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  8. Nollywood movies are like documentaries. One scene takes almost 10 minutes with silly dialogues! Only a few compare favourably.

  9. Why are Nigerians so ungrateful? Someone uploads a classic nollywood movie, and Nigerians are complaining saying it is old, foolish Nigerians always making us look stupid over here in England, stupid fools, any ways God bless the person that uploaded this great movie, great production, great actors, everything is just perfect I really enjoyed it, am so proud of my great country Nigeria.

  10. You ppl keep deceiving your viewer's!! Stop renaming the old movies!! Most don't even have part two!! Such a DARN shame!!

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