African Girl from Nigeria, Dubbed the Most Beautiful in the World

Nigerian woman, 5, is dubbed the new ‘most beautiful child in the world’ and he or she’s already racking up 1000’s of followers. Last week marriage ceremony photographer Mofe Bamuyiwa, who relies in Lagos, Nigeria, posted a collection of putting snaps of the little woman to her web page as a part of her newest mission.

The footage acquired tens of 1000’s of likes, with lots of of feedback on Jare’s unbelievable pure magnificence.

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34 thoughts on “African Girl from Nigeria, Dubbed the Most Beautiful in the World”

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  2. As long as she remains true to her African Heritage and resists temptation to swirl or turn into another Megan Mackle who is white washed to a fault.

  3. IF YOU WHERE TO BE HONEST WITH YOURSELVES, THE FIRST OF THE HUMAN RACE WAS BLACK AND STILL IZZZZ. their complexion reflects all the radiance and great forces of what this world naturally has to offer from the beginning of time until now, they reflect a complete MOLECULAR STRUCTURE a being of light in flesh, like a beacon they shine with light from within only in hopes that others may do the same…

  4. She is so pretty and would never be shown in main stream media because the jealous racist people like to only show Black people, especially darker complexion looking bad on every level, which is why If she was some really unattractive obese dark girl she would be all over the media. Anyways she is a very pretty girl with beautiful shaped eyes

  5. When one person is pretty,they say the whole persons of that country are pretty😅most nigerian women that I know,are bleachin their skin and wear fake selling hair

  6. She’s very beautiful indeed! but I wish they wouldn’t use phrases like this “Most beautiful in the World” because there is great beauty in all races of people and everyone has their own definition and opinions of what is beautiful and this world is so vast there’s beautiful people in very remote areas who don’t get seen and also that title can cause divisions! Maybe they should say “One of the world’s beautiful” because she is no doubt a beauty!

  7. Thats not her hair its so obvious that its a wig look at the centreline of her head.shes cute and all but thats a wig

  8. I'm white and currently touring in east Africa now..visited six countries there…please i have a simple question to ask, i kept seeing people mentioning east africa in the comments..but i kept wondering is it the same east africa that i am at now, or is their any other..because in all the six countries i visited the women i saw were all ugly as hell despite been directed to top places..the only people hyping east african women are east Africans themselves..and in a research it says that east africans are the least travelers on how will you stay in your country and know how others look..Nigerian women are one of the most beautiful educated sexy smart and intelligent women on can leave Africa and ask anyone about Nigerian women they will tell you the same, i only realize the only people hating on Nigerian women are my cousin's collage a Nigerian girl voted the most beautiful girl,
    funny thing even the fourth runner up was also a Nigerian..and i saw a post the other day, and a Nigerian girl was voted the sexiest girl in Africa you can all google it, so why are the other Africans not winning anything..these video is a good example, African Black girl dubbed the most beautiful girl in the world which i think she deserves, but the comments section is full of hate from African, just because she is Nigerian..some are claiming she is not Nigerian, lmfao do y'all know that Nigeria has the most diverse species of butterfly on earth, that's how diverse they are also in human..all i see is envy and jealousy, you call them all sot of names but yet they are still dominating wining all kind of beauty pageants all over the world..and you Africans then doing yours on trolls social media hyping lmfao..the world is all about reality not by hyping on social all i want to say is i'm currently in east africa now and every woman i came across are ugly ass hell with sot of wired looking foreheads..only you guys hype yourselves you could have wait for an outside to judge not y'all.

  9. Beautiful litte girl. But it's a shame that even in the comments section of this type of video you got black people belittling each other's ethnic group. We are a mess.

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