Can Ambode Get a Second Term Without Tinubu’s Approval? - Nigeria Street Gist | TV

Can Ambode Get a Second Term Without Tinubu’s Approval? – Nigeria Street Gist | TV
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Street Gist Nigeria – The energy tussle within the Lagos essives Congress (APC) appears to be getting messier with the incumbent governor, Akinwunmi Ambode, not getting the nod of social gathering chief, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Reports say the governor allegedly ignored the threats and needs to offer the second time period a shot.

Although he has not overtly stated it, it does seem as if the Jagaban Borgu shouldn’t be in good phrases with the Lagos primary citizen. TV correspondent, subsequently, determined to ask Lagosians in the event that they suppose their governor can get a second time period with out the assistance of the frontline social gathering chief.

They had their say.

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29 thoughts on “Can Ambode Get a Second Term Without Tinubu’s Approval? – Nigeria Street Gist | TV”

  1. Further to earlier submission made, the level of reasoning, damage to the average Nigerian psyche, self confidence and belief is very disturbing. I mean this in all its ramifications. I think the level of literacy among Nigerians is fast dwindling into oblivion. This may reflect the low level the Nigerian education system has so much declined. Guys this is I feel a new dimension, different stroke to Nigeria’s problems. Planned, actioned with plan to perpetuate illiteracy, absolute naivety in the bid to continue to control people and perpetuate themselves in power. Nigerians can no longer reason right and make simple decisions. Who does not know that it is easier to manipulate idiots, morons and buffoons than it is to control their more lettered counterparts. The Current Nigerian politicians are up to no good. In their bid to perpetuate themselves in power, they are creating illiteracy and through hunger and starvation, Nigerians with low IQ who would lack logical reasoning abilities and therefore do not see any reason to receive a bribe of 4000 Miserable Naira for their vote and their future. People who would make comments that strengthens and encourages Godfatherism in politics. People who would see salvation at their door steeps through the likes of Kingsley Moughalu and OMOYELE SOWORE and continue to ponder over it and at the end stand a risk of making the wrong choice because they have be stupidified and cannot see it by politicians who have stolen their future. People who would have Governors like Akinwunmi Ambode who no doubt have delivered and still full of promise and because he has stood his grounds against the like of Bola Tinubu perhaps and they have in consequence disagreed, which Ambode may have done in the interest of lagosians who should now stand solidly behind him and say no to The none sense being perpetrated by the so called Mandate group by returning him to power but no, they still say that without Tinubu , Ambode would not win. This in the height of illogical reasoning. Has anyone given this some thought? ….. why is it that Nigerians in diaspora are not allowed to vote. They have been over the years disenfranchised? The reason is that it is not easy to buy them over with peanuts. They are therefore more likely to vote based on what the candidates contesting have to offer. They are less likely to be involved or get entangled with money politics which is the primary killer of Nigerian today. They are willing to spend rather than hope to receive from The embattled Nigerian society. They are more patriotic because they have experienced the disadvantage of being citizens of a country that has been trashed and bartered and has no reputation like take it or leave it, Nigeria. They have therefore rightfully resolved to change things at home despite a large number of them being very comfortable where they are. They want to replicate the good life they see others but Nigerians enjoying. This is the reason for the wave of activism from outside the shores of Nigeria of late. The least that is expected of those at home is to reciprocate this by standing firmly with them to ensure this revolution of flushing out the old breed of politicians and installing a revolutionary and visionary change. Ambode must remain Lagos state Governor. I say this not because of anything but because of his achievements so far. SOWORE or Moughalu should be given the opportunity at the presidency. They are the two best candidates for that position. If we miss this chance, it would be gone for a really long time.

  2. if Tinubu is allowed to decide who occupies the Alausa sit in 2019,Lagosians would have succeeded in reinventing Adedibu in Lagos,then I doubt if Lagosians will ever have a say in who governs the state,Lagos is bigger than one man.

  3. Let Ambode stand on his ground and refuse moves by godfather and. join AAC Ticket with his good works the youth will vote for him and he will surely win. that will prove to all godfathers that we do not needs them .
    Now I see why mr Sowore do not need godfathers

  4. It is difficult to understand the reasoning when people make comments like without Bola Tinubu”s Support Ambode cannot win. The questions I ask them are these,
    How do they rate Ambode”s performance so far?
    Would they like to see more?
    What criteria should be used to elect leaders? Performance or who his/her Godfather is.
    If he has performed well, why are they going after him to remove him from office? Makes the whole saga look suspicious. If he has been corrupt, then prosecute him. The reasons he is being removed so far, compared to his achievements are frivolous and the electorates should speak against this with their votes should this man be humiliated out of APC and made to contest under a different platform. Let wisdom prevail. The electorates should teach those that think they are the almighty that power belongs to the people, that a nobody as long as he or she has the competence, character and capacity can rise to stardom. If we have to fix this country, we must adopt these criteria in electing our leaders. Why should we change a tested and proven hand because someone for some reason does not like him. This is unbelievable for people to think this way and more disheartening it would be if they get away with it. A word is enough for the wise. No one is guilty of any offence until found guilty. What was Ambode”s offence?

  5. nigeria is cursed&can never work. break nigeria!break the curse. Support Splitting of nigeria to our distinct nations as formal Soviet union. Denmark is 5.6m, doing great. Support Biafra independence

  6. Lagosians are dumb ,they dont even know what they want.They keep suffering under some thug called Tinubu.Best they ignore the thief called Tinubu or there will be more poverty in Lagos

  7. Nigeria youth will continue to live in abject poverty, in fact nigeria has no future from what the youth in these platform are saying, the criminal Tinubu and his gang cannot stop Ambode from winning next year election

  8. 🤔Indeed people are crazy by putting all trust in Tinubu. His entire family cannot provide more than 20 vote! Therefore if Lagosians truly love Ambode to continue who’s One man to decide for all the Lagosians? My people you have right to choose. This time is not one man politics🙁🙁🙁

  9. Now clear that youth are not ready and committed ourselves to all these old politicians what a shame to our youth hanging their future on the other of one man and supporting fatherism we are in a trouble

  10. Aiye awon lagosian ma ti wa baje o… their are other people out there in other small party to try… is it only this party…

  11. Presently, with the political system 9ja runs, it'd be "hard" for Ambode without Tinubu's approval but, if Ambode had been 'doing his thing' in Lagos, despite Tinubu; isn't it that he had calculated that he could re-run without Tinubu's approval?
    Remember, it isn't; only until it is!
    #Nothing is impossible.

  12. Tinubu is not God , Enough Is Enough of godfathers in the Nigeria political system . The works that Gervernor Ambode has done will make many people to VoTe for him again in any party he find his self

  13. I think the youth are not yet ready to erase this mentality of God father stuff and stand firm to say No to it….Who did this to us .

  14. Sorry for Nigerians, this God fathers have so washed their brains, that they don't even believe or think in any other perspective. Wake up Nigerians and let stop all this cabels and God fathers killing our futures. AAC Take it back ACTION

  15. Black people are prisoners to their own self just can’t imagine how a state is structured around one person, this is pathetic, Ambode please come to AAC let’s take Nigeria together from these cabals

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