Eko Atlantic city,Lagos Nigeria builds city on water

Lagos Eko Atlantic is a brand new city reclaimed from the ocean and in-built Lagos Nigeria. Check out the extent of growth the city has attained in the mean time on this video.

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24 thoughts on “Eko Atlantic city,Lagos Nigeria builds city on water”

  1. I encourage Nigerians to always look deeper because we easily fall hand. Eko Atlantic is 100% funded, owned by a Lebanese family company. This results in money that will accrue to the pockets of foreigners on Nigerian soil. It’s a shame that our leaders or all the Nigerian billionaires did not have the vision to build something like this for Nigerians by Nigerians. One day we will wake up and even the land of ours we call Nigeria we will be paying rent on it to foreigners. We need to do better

  2. What is wrong with all these fucking igbos.. Why are you coming here to make useless and imbeciliic comments

  3. All you showed was water there is nothing there it is another fraud people becareful they will never do the project it is dead on arival. And how can they put the price on
    900 thousand dollars per a house when they haven't built security to protect the people the will spend the 900 thousand dollars and live there. With this Buhari government nothing will be done. Buhari and osinbajor are the worst president ever.

  4. I saw poor Nigerians talking as if they are not going to get rich in life if government doesn't help them.The funny thing is that i gave a man 3 million naira and he is still poor, and oneday when you finally get rich you will join the rank of people being curse by the Poor and you will feel bad because you know it is not always easy being rich, and you have to make more money to stay rich and you can't just share all your money to some Scums because they are poor and you don't like it and if you are not careful you will go back to being like them. If you do they will complain and if you don't they will also complain, there is no way anything can ever exist without having a negative side and when anything positive is being done or they are planning to do something good Nigerians will list all the Negative side to it and totally forget the Good thing that development can bring that even you will be discourage to continue it and they do it every time in all aspect that's why they never develop if you are building road they will tell you it is electricity you have to be working on and if it is electricity you are working on they will tell you you should be working on Roads they are negative people that boom of negativity and no encourage ment they always complain about the bad thing and totally forget the good things, and they so mucb hate themselves One region don't want the other to grow, The poor are always complaining of the rich. It isn't entirely the government faults the people in that country itself are bad one Nigerian don't want the other to be better than him so much hatred for each other amd you want them to be very great? No way continue hating Yourself until one Super power decide to Nuke you for good and wipe you off. Every where you are always disgracing and complaining about Yourselves and you troll yourselves on the Internet forgetting that you are still better than some. That's why nobody want to help you because you are always displaying your National disasters discouraging potential investors.

  5. Unfortunately foreign investment is slow and sparse. The plan is too ambitious for the current status of the country. The government can't support the city as it is. Not even close to the minimum standards foreigners expect when investing overseas. It could take up to 30 years for the area to be fully developed. Prices will need to fall dramatically and building will be much smaller and not as grand as envisioned. The country is likely to lose money on the project.

    The worst part is the citizens will end up hurting the most from the unrealized potential promised.

  6. If we focused more on maintaining and reconstructing our existing dilapidated infrastructure, then, this would have been a good development thereafter. However, in the face of our current dilema as a nation, the Eko Atlantic project is just another waste of scarce resource begging to be appropriately utilised. The project seem to me like another Lekki, Ikoyi or VI that will soon become less tasteful for the rich, and they will continue to explore better fancies till their wealth can no longer give them whatever desires they seek. In the long run, we all die…….

  7. Dear Nigerian Brothers and sisters,I will never ever raise my hands gainst Nigeria,Although, those days, in 70s and 80s it was not easy for Ghanaian in Nigeria .For me it was quite easy thru my 15% Nigerian blood From Kaduna,My Grandmother come from Kaduna,thru that, things was very easy for me,Belive it or not, 80% Ghanaians who are now in europe and America benefit from Nigeria in those days.Seeing Nigeria collapse make me really sad.My question is why spending Billions of Niara Credit from the world bank,Building all this new things while a single common Nigerian is suffering, runing to diffrent countries like Ghana for better life.What Nigeria has to do is, to Follow the footstep of Ghana.If you guys could remember,After Ghana muss go 1983,Ghana was nothing.No nigerian will ever step his foot there.Ghana currence has falling like today,the once Naira power has falling.Today Ghana cedi is one of the strongest currence of the world,Plese be honest to youselves,how many Nigerians are in Ghana looking for better life.Yet Nigerian leaders dont give adamm to change the situation.Better people see Nigeria as beautiful country even though if a single common Nigerian will die for hunger.This is nonesense.I know Nigeria can make,if small country like Ghana make it,belive me Nigeria can make it too,Maybe they need Nigeria JJ RAWLINS.,Naira has fall down,life for a common Nigerian is hard,who cares better a buitifull EKOTOWN dann a common Nigerian tax payers life.This not the time to make Nigerian Big,its the time to Bring Nigerian back to where it was before.THE GAINT OF AFRICA,Making Nigeria Beautiful has time.Once Again Take alook at Ghana ,Ghana is building Ghana at the right time,Look at the airport and so on.Oh God i could still remember ,1983 before i left to USA ,one Naira you get two Dollars,those days we call Naira ,(NAIRA POWER), with Nigerian Passport you get Visa,Everywhere of World atleast within two weeks of application.I mean no Country of the world will ever reject Nigerian from geting Visa,RESPECT 100% RESPECT.Nigeria should try and forget THOSE Days, the( Gaint of Africa), and 3 times bigger than Ghana.They should put their heads down..And start all over agian.Nigeria should forget their Pride and learn from others.By doing that, they should accept the fact that they are no more the Gaint of africa, they use to be.Peolpe are suffering and Polititicians are Playing the games of Big Man.Nigeria is Collapsing,only God knows how deep Nigeria will collapse,if things are not changed.TILL THE DAY NIGERIAN JJ RAWLINS COMES TO POWER

  8. Why can't every part of Nigeria be like that and still cheap for common people? In Europe,there is no reserved area for anyone,its only in Africa you see that. Eko Atlantic City my foot. Pure nonsense!!!!

  9. This project has been running for 5 years now, only two buildings incomplete, lets presume each building is 30 000m2 , so it means in 5 yrs you have built 65m2/ day that is less than impressive, its incompetence, lack of planning and lack of project management skills, this building would ideally take 3 months to complete and occupied, by the look of things finishes are not yet done..Nigerians are lazy generally, how are you going to maintain such structures for the duration of its life span? I feel for you better get passport and run abroad to developed countries, to learn about development, maintenance and good Governance.

  10. Hmmm !!! What sense is in paying $900k for a 2bed in Lagos when you can buy a 4 bedroom mansion in Houston for $399k and spend the balance of $500k on investing legitimately in the US and getting a Greencard for yourself, spouse and unmarried children under 21 through the EB-5 program….
    Anyone interested, send us an email at contactunicornss@gmail.com, we would connect you to the best lawyers in the game that have immensely successful track records (Due diligence and anti-money laundering checks would be vigorously carried out o, so if you're a politician or Yahoo/419 guy that has made your fortune illegally, don't bother contacting cos you'll be wasting your time.



  11. Total nonsense. Eko Atlantic City, who are you trying to fool. Try completing the old Lagos before allowing more foreigners to sell you a pipe dream so they can get a share of your dirty money. $900,000 for a 2 bed apartment in Nigeria is not an investment, I can buy a 2 bed apartment in the city of London for less than that, and guarantee growth. Besides what is this fascination with Lagos? Yes it has many lagoons, but we all cannot live by the sea. Sort out your mainland, the real Lagos. Concentrate on mobilising the people, better roads, transport system, encourage small business startups, and for God's sakes adopt a maintenance culture!!!

    This is real funny.. Nigerians are known for scamming and defraud the Westerners of their monies, then the foreigners find a way to sell you overpriced Bullshit to take their money back 😂😂

    Ps. Some of this people making comments are definitely in denial or they live in a bubble. "So proud of Nigeria" what an insult. Next time your speak of Nigerian please don't include Lagos. There are far more bigger and better things going on across Nigeria, that actually benefits Nigerians.

    Who is that Thot🤣

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