GoldenEye 007 (Nintendo Wii) Walkthrough - Nigeria / Cradle - Part 1

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46 thoughts on “GoldenEye 007 (Nintendo Wii) Walkthrough – Nigeria / Cradle – Part 1”

  1. For some reason on the second console everytime the place starts blowing up? I can't pass this because of it. Anyone have any tips?

  2. I've read about a big flaw in Trevelyan's plan.  If he stole all the money in London's banks and stock market, and then hit the city with EMP, sure it would destroy Britain's economy and injure the world's.  But Janus wouldn't make a profit because the value of the British pound would plummet.  It would be like stealing an original Degas painting, but then erasing everyone's memory of who Degas was. 
    The monetary value plummets.  Is that true?

  3. Cool! My friend wanted to see this video because it's so so so easy the first try I got it and I'm on level 79 so yea!!!

  4. What hard for me about this level is trying to protect her so she can shut everything down and shoot all enemies that are all over us.

  5. @Lucap1000 dude i know its fucken bull shit!! i loved thhe game and was having a great time playing it till i got to this leval and i havent played for like 2 mouths haha

  6. @corneliab WORD! I heard they give you more levels to play on in multiplayer but I've never played much multiplayer so I dunno about that…

    double guns is also a Goldeneye 64 MUST.. X2 rocket lauchers was a great feature of GE64.. Def also missed the remote mines, proximity mines, timed mines, ect.. Lazers were missed.. Unlockable missions like Temple and Aztec were also elements that added a huge boost to GE64..

    They made this a GREAT game but it could've been AMAZING..

  7. @SHIBBYiPANDA I agree with the cheat codes thing. The trials in this game are ridiculously hard to complete, but there's no reward for doing them.

  8. @corneliab hmmm good points.. but still.. They should've gotten boris in there.. There two things that would've made this game fucking gold are more gadgets and the ability to wield dual weapons.. They also should have built in cheat codes that you could earn by completing the time trials or the game on certain difficulty. Those were elements of n64 version that we loved that weren't here..

  9. @SHIBBYiPANDA Wtf are you talking about? Something that I loved about this game was that it DID reference the original Goldeneye movie in ways that the N64 game didn't, like helicopter ejection bit at the statue park, and the mid-fall plane boarding at the runway. And let's not forget the intro scene, complete with a redone version of the Goldeneye theme, which was nowhere to be found in the N64 version.

    Hell, the N64 game deviated from the film quite a bit, what with the silo and whatnot.

  10. this is why i hate this game, its all cell phone shit. where are my fucking gadgets and laser watches?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. @cerberus144 i know.. This game sucked because it left out so many good elements they should have referenced from the original goldeneye..

  12. @Lockmat666 actually that was the plan in the original film and game as well. the EMP blast emitted would allow Trevelyan to steal millions from the Bank of London and destroy all of the evidence, followed by London falling into economic chaos. clever plan in theory. but of course we all know how it ends up.

  13. I don't think this game is bad at all, but the main characters arent the same as the goldenwye for n64. This goldeneye is very good but I prefer n64, its a classic man =D!

  14. anyways, why'd you stick with the Kallos TT9 so long? There was a Terralite III, a Stauger UA1, and I think there's a PT9 inderictus in that level. Well, you did get the Terralite III, but you should have sooner

  15. "nearly finished, just a moment longer…" James, almost finished…" *screams* *ooh* "James, help me…" That's what she said…

  16. I am at Solar on 007 difficulty right now. And let me just say that I am NOT looking forward to this level. It gave me hell on the easiest difficulty!

  17. I only just got why it blew up so late. It's because the timer was set for twenty seconds. If you look at the clock, it says '3:20'. That counts down to 3:00 and the weapons blow up. Also, this is the hardest level in the entire game. Every other level is easy as hell but this one is just stupidly hard. I was like 'WTF?' when I saw the explosion. 'WHAT DID I MISS?'

  18. Does anyone know what triggers the fire/light to start, or does it always start at a specific time no matter what.

  19. Yea Boris would have been cool but I'm so glad the Control protect Natalya mission is in this. When I saw Cradle I got concerned. This was the best and hardest mission in the 64 verison

  20. @cerberus144 Yeah, closest thing to Boris is that there's a multiplayer character named Boris. Yeah, I'm bummed about it, but it's a good game.

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