GoldenEye 007 (Nintendo Wii) Walkthrough - Nigeria / Solar - Part 1

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19 thoughts on “GoldenEye 007 (Nintendo Wii) Walkthrough – Nigeria / Solar – Part 1”

  1. seriously I hate those stupid intros at the start of ur vids it a waste of time and u keep putting the link to your website no one will go there

  2. @IMACOOLBOY12 Never said you only played CoD…seriously next time someone accuses me of accusing THEM of playing only CoD just because I MENTION it…I'm gonna give birth to a tractor, out of my head.

    And also, re-read what you typed, if you were really not sying what I thought you were saying, then you need grammar lessons, if only to make it easier for people to read what you mean.

  3. @Astaticembrace look if you could actually read what i said was the n64 version is better and the wii version sucks and everyone thinks it's awesome but it's not and i love nintendo i just don't like this game and btw i think cod sucks too i play other games like saints row 2 and thats another thing about you dumbasses who think we only play cod well theres a shit load of other games too not just cod

  4. @IMACOOLBOY12 If you had a more advanced mindset you'd be playing the Wii much more then the PS3/360. When you grow up and get out in the world and learn all it's nastiness, you don't want realism, and the last worry on your mind is a game's graphics when gaming.

    This "Wii faggorty" bullshit is a plague, and people like you and starzinger are proud carriers. Grow up, and stop using foul language just because it sounds cool to you.

    In fact..just go play CoD…and have fun being BORED.

  5. @starzinger82 Dude, all the people who replyed to your dumbass comment tells you they play games for the actual gameplay itself, your no true gamer.

  6. Why is James Bond only wearing a blue dress shirt and black slacks when he's assaulting a heavily guarded and fortified compound?

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