How to Download Music from Youtube FAST and EASY to iPod or MP3

Teaches you how to get music information from youtube and put them in your ipod or mp3.

1) Go to video on youtube, and copy URL on proper aspect of video.
2) Go to and paste URL. Click Download Now.
3) Download as flv with “filename.avi” as file identify whereas saving (WITHOUT QUOTES)
4) Convert utilizing a video converter. I used Total Video Converter 3.


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40 thoughts on “How to Download Music from Youtube FAST and EASY to iPod or MP3”

  1. Well.. TubeSultan is way faster and simple than any of this. Also you can download very fast and doesnt require you to get on some site with many ads…

  2. how is it possible, copy the video link address at the top bar, and paste it into "mp3 grabber", an online YouTube to mp3 downloader, free and safe to use, try this again, and see if it works

  3. I tried mp3 grabber,
    a cool online app to download YouTube to mp3
    You can get it easily, just search it in google
    Enjoy it!

  4. oh and you can transfer you music to your ipod by plugging it to your laptop or computer and look on your i tunes. on the side it should have your i pod name so you can drag songs from your i tunes to your i pod

  5. @ @ @
    ohhhh man itsn't EASY and no FAST!!!

    I like YoutubeByClick com its a real EASY and FAST!!

    TRY IT ! 🙂
    Its good for chorme, explorer and firefox!!!!

  6. what i just did, failed to work,,,first i converted a video on youtube with youtube to mp3,,,then moved it to itunes and created an AAC version but it will not sync,,,no will it play in windows media player but it wil play in itunes…any ideas?

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