How To Make Money from Travel Videos


Bali Blog Video 4 Days! It's raining so much in Bali proper now, so I and Tomas fired a Q & A. The most important matter centered on how to monetize your journey movies. How to make money from your ardour. Since we're obsessed with creating movies about journey and the journey business, we're supplying you with tips about how to monetize your journey movies.

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22 thoughts on “How To Make Money from Travel Videos”

  1. Welcome back to another Vlog here in Bali! The comments on this series so far have been so positive. I'm glad you are all enjoying the episodes! Be sure to Like the video if you enjoy!

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  4. I enjoyed this vlog until that Irish guy that doesn't look Irish said "Don't vote Trump." Well, two things. I voted Trump and I definitely will vote for him again. Secondly, why is somebody that does not live nor is from the USA telling us who not to vote for? Trump so far is doing a great job and he is doing exactly what he said he was going to do.

  5. I watch your vlogs and find them helpful, however, i think your view is getting lower is because you havent create new format for your vlog, sometimes you can change the editing style and add more communicate moment with audience by sitting there and answer their question. You can add more specific detail on your title such as bali has the best coffee etc… Something may get people attention. Keep up your good work!

  6. Hey George, best greetings to beautiful Bali! Interesting vlog, but it is not so easy as you said guys. Otherwise everybody would be only travelling and making videos … 😉 You need a good plan, skills, connections and some money. Its hard work and you must stay focussed. Moverover you need a right amount of luck to be at the right time on the right place! Good luck everbody and life your dreams – best, Stefan

  7. This is my favourite travel series you've done; editing and camera shots on point and the different culture is really interesting to see

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