How to Make Money With Amazon's Affiliate Program (Tutorial)


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49 thoughts on “How to Make Money With Amazon’s Affiliate Program (Tutorial)”

  1. so far I had invested at least 200 hours on building a site, promotions, watching videos tutorials, more promotions, youtube promotions, etc… and so far i have made Zero dollars, nada. nothing. not even a penny, I'm doomed, has anybody else have any luck?? I made blogs, facebook pages, promoted on youtube, another blog, tryied with links and still not even a single sale. OMG, I'm about to give up. please anybody tell me you are doing at least ok.

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  4. According to Amazon I had over 400 clicks last month and only 4 purchases. This month (its the 12th) I have over 230 clicks and only 2 purchases and 1 return. Am I doing something wrong?

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  6. Is possible for me to start making money on my affiliate associate account while is setup my website? i need guide lines on how to start i have a website but still under design

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  8. I became an affiliate with Amazon 2nd to the last week of February! One of my posts is doing better than the other 95% of my posts that are doing well!

  9. Amasuite 5 Uncovers The Products & Keywords That Will Make You Money On Amazon Only 20$ for 5 product

  10. I need help with the creating associates account I'm a beginner can u please help me? idk what websites and mobile apps to put on amazon associates account.. I don't have my own personal website. and what mobile apps url do I enter? please if u have time can u assist me with info to understand.


  12. Well my AMAZON account was killed by Amazon after being online for 3 months with no sales by the 90 day mark. I finally make 15 sales for the Christmas season with only 5 orders shipped..and they send me an email stating my Amazon will be closed. I couldnt even log into my affiliate login anymore.

    I made a whopping $4.52 cents on the shipped items but have no clue on the remainder since I will never know if I will receive those monies.
    I promoted heavily on my FB, and one music CD…this music CD reached 500+ clicks in 2 days with only 2 sales!! Go figure I made Amazon money and I get axed!! Im now removing all my Amazon product and will be moving to Walmart or Target, bigger commissions. My Website was…..I HAVE NO CLUE HOW THIS IS SOCIAL NETWORK URL.


    We currently accept only &quotFan Pages,&quot &quotVerified&quot pages and/or a YouTube &quotchannel&quot in the Associates program. All other social network sites are not eligible to add Associate links, or for use to create an Associates Account.

    In reviewing your website, we noticed that the URL listed on your application is a social network website. However, your site is not an approved social network or established with enough unique content and followers yet. At this time, we are unable to approve your application and have closed the account under which you had been temporarily approved.

  13. Im new to the amazon affiliate program, havent made a sale yet but what discourages me is the 24 hour cookie for you to get credit, so to me this means if you do not sell your selected product in a 24 hour cookie window and still have that product on your website, beyond the 24 hour cookie window time frame….and it finally sells…do you still get a commission? It makes no sense to keep an amazon affiliate page if you only have a 24 hour cookie window to get a sale credit for it…or am I missing something? Other stores like Walmart or Target offer 9 day cookie windows.

  14. Hello good friend, ur video was helpful. Please, I really want to know can I start amazon affiliate without a website? Ur urgent reply I will appreciated. Thank u

  15. help full video for sellers,
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  16. Hello.I need help about amazon associates.I am new and I need to know how to move money from amazon to bank account.I can't find any link or tool to do this.Can you help me?

  17. Could someone tell me if I did this right,

  18. She doesn't cloak her affiliate links? It's very risky using a raw affiliate link directly off of Amazon to make money!

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