LOL! The Different Types Of Prostitutes In Nigeria!

Prostitutes in Nigeria have totally different ranges and include totally different names and ways – so BattaBox wished to search out out what are the variations between the assorted names for prostitutes in Nigeria.

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For instance, a number of the names embody: hoe, runs lady, olosho, prostitute. BattaBox presenter YP went onto streets of Lagos to search out out!

“A hoe is a cheap girl, she costs maybe 500 Naira or you just buy them drinks,” explains one younger man.

“Olosho are sex workers, who sell their body for money, sex for money,” explains a younger lady.

“Runs girls are girls who sell themselves for money, but they are more expensive,” says one other Lagos dealer.

Olosho is a Yoruba phrase for prostitute, Runs Girls are usually women at college who will use their physique for favours, and a prostitute is a girl who’s knowledgeable intercourse employee.

Prostitution is unlawful in Nigeria underneath sections 223, 224, and 225 of the Nigerian Criminal Code, and underneath Sharia regulation within the north. However, regulation enforcement towards prostitution hardly ever strongly enforced and, in order for you it, it isn’t tough to search out.

On Wikipedia, a survey is quoted as saying roughly 63% of prostitutes in Nigeria began work earlier than 19 years previous, and 99% of the ladies should not in a relationship. Many Nigerian women journey to the town and even journey overseas to locations like Italy to work as prostitutes.

However, one Nigerian lady we requested, says there aren’t any ranges between prostitutes in Nigeria:

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“The fact is every lady is a prostitute – we all have boyfriends and dates, including how husbands – so you’re not saying a lady will not have slept with four to five men.”

“The two words say so much in the negative – there is no difference. You won’t call anyone a hoe or Olosoho or runs girl and they will be happy,” says one other Lagos man,

What do you suppose are the variations between the totally different names for prostitutes in Nigeria?


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50 thoughts on “LOL! The Different Types Of Prostitutes In Nigeria!”

  1. So l found out my ex was once pregnant and slept around while we were together then she did an abortion. Maybe I will start sleeping around soon. I could gain more weight and stop stressing up. Advice to anyone don't sleep with a married person

  2. Over the years I've fallen in love with this amazing country. lt has its issues like any other but Nigeria is dope! Definitely on my wish list. Love Nigeria. Girls are thick, boys are switched on

  3. The truth is the truth, If a women does not marry as a virgin she is a whore,Even if it was here future husband she had sex with,you have a boyfriend and you have sex with him your a whore,you break up and get another and you have sex with him your a whore,A virgin is a virgin and a women can only be that once only one ,How many men have been in your vagina no one knows except you lol.

  4. This first woman don't know the meaning of prostitute…abeg theirs a dictionary let her check it…mtcheweeeeee

  5. That girl sounds like a retard!

    She needs a good slap and a basic education.

    She is just trying to reconcile her own NASTY living probably!

  6. LMFAO you women swear to your GOD the creator before his eyes that you are not a whore

    alot of you slept with atleast 5 boyfriend before meeting your so called husband 😂😂😂

    and alot of men are disgusting, dating a women that has been sexually active, use to suck boyfriend d*ck then you give her a good night kiss 😂😂😂😷

  7. any lady that has slept with man for a plat of rice, mobile phone, to pass exam, money, to gain position, and so on……….they are all prostitut

  8. Few days I was told that in Yoruba adage they say everyone is a prostitute. I was kind of upset by that. Not everyone is. Some of us we kill one bird with one stone.

  9. Lady in 4:34 u dey craze….I am not a prostitute….stop generalizing….some ladies only slept with their hubbies on the ground of marriage… Abeg I am not a prostitute ooo.

  10. I thought "olosho" is strictly a sex worker/prostitute that exchange sex for money and a "hoe" is just someone who sleeps around not necessarily for money. A hoe can have multiple baby mamas and daddys whereas an olosho/prostitute has limited amounts of children if any at all because their bodies are their merchandise and the less time spent being pregnant or tending to children, the more money they can make with their bodies. Correct me if I'm wrong as i feel the first lady was painting every woman with a broad stroke.

  11. There are 4 kinds of people: 1. those that look like apes and act like apes; 2. those who act like apes but not look like apes; 3. those that look like apes but suprprisingly not act like apes (rarity). 4. those who do not look like apes and not act like apes.

  12. haha alomost all naija babes r oloso….u can bring it outta dem…high class prostitution is the rave…
    comon see Matilda hipsy booty
    Matilda –

  13. Look 1:40 Jesus Chrysto on a wooden bicycle. I wanna meet this one… Baby contact me, I buy you G wagon.

  14. Hmmm… I think every lady’s situation is different and people don’t have to be biased about their actions. Not only in Nigeria do we not see a virgin lady till marriage. And it doesn’t mean there’s no virgin out there. This act is everywhere in the world, even worse in some countries than Nigeria. Some ladies turn out to be prostitutes because of financial reasons and that’s what reduces their respect in the society. Some have libido issues so they’d wanna sleep around and if they’re fortunate enough, they’d have slept with at least 4 men ( research based) before they finally get married. Everything is based on parenting tho. Some men as well have libido issues, they’d always wanna have sex. But ladies who aren’t virgin till marriage have less of respect from their partner to compare to who her husband met virgin till wedding night. 😄

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