Nigeria's Geographic Challenge

Stratfor explains Nigeria’s main geographic problem of managing the competitors for pure sources between its ethnically divided areas.

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25 thoughts on “Nigeria’s Geographic Challenge”

  1. Why don't each tribe just be their own country and the tribes that get along be one country? That's basically what happened in Europe. The French have their land, Spanish their land, Italians, their land. Germans, their land. Polish their land, Greeks, their land. Hungarians their land and so on.

  2. Thank you so much for pronouncing Igbo correctly. I cannot tell you how much it bugs me when people pronounce the 'g'

  3. All of this is true but you forgot to mention the Islamist insurgency in the extreme north-east which is Nigeria's true problem currently

  4. Ethnic division does not exist as much in Nigeria, it's more religious I.e the Islamic extremists up north are the current trouble

  5. Please do an update and focus more on the hydrography!!! Also, if you can please talk a little about the dredging of the Niger river that was completed a few years ago under Goodluck Jonathan's leadership and how it has affected the Nigerian economy; which became the largest of all Africa by the time of the start of the dredging! I see a lot of similarities between Nigeria and the US (the Mississippi river basin). It's more like a 'mini-US' in a way, specially after the dredging, which was supposed to connect parts of the river to make them navigable for commerce. Thank you!

  6. In this video Stratfor fails to mention the religious conflicts in this country which seem to have more impact (thinking Sudan all over again) then the ethic diversity. Yet they mention religious conflict in Ireland,which hasn't had any major religious conflict incidents in over 20 years. If you're gonna mention religion in geography you should do it for all countries.

  7. The population is expected to double by 2050. Where is the food supposed to come from? Is half of the arable land there currently fallow and awaiting productive use? 

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