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papas land



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38 thoughts on “SONNY OKOSUN ” papas land” – Nigeria”

  1. This was in Yaounde , Cameroon, on a program called TAM TAM WEEK-END ..( in english is week-end drum) . On the background is the famous english journalist Julius WAMEY, Rose Epie and the talented cameroon musician MISSE NGOH François … he is enjoying SONY OKOSUN .

  2. Someday our cherished continent Africa,once called the dark continent by the white man will be taken once again by the white man.It's happening now.African leaders have turned deaf ears to cries by Sonny Okusson,Bob Marley,Peter Tosh, and many more famous musicians.It is sad.

  3. françàis !!!! le succès de ce morceau est incontestable vu le bordel actuel ………..!!!! c'est un bon bazar !!!!!!!!!!

  4. One of the African greats of all times. Was part of the soundtrack of our lives when we were adolescents and teenagers. Rest in Power elder brother.

  5. We want to know who owns Southern Cameroons. Let the Ambazonians govern the Amba land. At 1st we thought we were been rough handled by the Almighty West which is not true. Some Africans leaders are more dangerous to their people and neighbors. Let Sunny rip we'll always remember him for the great fight he fought to liberate Africa.

  6. anyone know where i can find this version of the song? The only version i can seem to buy on vinyl is a disco version different from this

  7. can we ever have musicians like this man who brought messages and educates people about themselves and their environment….RIP Sir..

  8. Okosun was one if Africa's pre-eminent freedom fighters in the last quarter of the 20th century. Unfortunately those who helped galvanize for the freedom of Africa failed to utilize the political freedom that was achieved for the upliftment of all.

  9. Since the demise of the demise of this great artist, he has been forgotten by his own. Even the the state where he hailed from , nothing is done to remember him. At least his music should be aired if only once a year in remembrance of him. RIP

  10. Government by and for the people's interest which guarantees the rule of law, with the provision of public services is the guarantor of stability in Africa.

  11. Government by and for the people's interest which guarantees the rule of law, with the provision of public services is the guarantor of stability in Africa.

  12. this music biscuit reminds me  my childhood, Sony Okuson was a real committed pan african performer!  the message is thorough and realistic!

  13. pareil pour moi que tout ceux qui ressente la meme migraine nostagique encourage papa thom903 ah mes années 87 à mbanga

  14. Thoms903 tu es formidable, tu viens la de reiveiller une partie de mon enfance avec cette magnifique chanson que j' utas en boucle . Merci et merci encore

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