Who is Nigeria's greatest president ever? | Legit TV

Nigerians have made a number of noise about liking one president over the opposite, particularly with the current challenges within the nation. So, 1NGN-NEW.com TV hit the streets to as Nigerians who they assume is one of the best president of all time.

What’s your take? Talk to us!

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38 thoughts on “Who is Nigeria’s greatest president ever? | Legit TV”

  1. Nigerians are fools Nigerians never benefits anything from Nigeria government..more than 80% of Nigeria populations are suffering ..Nigeria never produced any hero as a president.

  2. No good leader in nigeria, every single leader in nigeria and corrupt. they are so corrupt that if pope visit nigeria today i will give him half a day he will start taking bribe and kikck back.

  3. GEJ the best Nigeria president ever.
    1. He said his Re – Election bid does not worth the blood of one single Nigerian and he back it up with action when PMB was declared winner by congratulating him publicly to avert bloodshed. What a lesson for Buhari.
    2. During his tenure Nigeria was rated the fastest growing economy in Africa. Lesson two to the pmb
    3. Though corruption was rated high during his tenure, He said it was better to fight corruption electronically, hence He re-introduced the IPPIS which pmb is now consolidating on it.
    4. GEJ created almajiri schools and nine Fed. Universities and gave priority to the Northern Nigeria, because he was the president of Nigeria and not just president of a particular people as it is seen today practically. refer to the treatment mated to the IPOB and the FULANIS HERDERS for support of this point.
    5. GEJ never publicly show preference of whom he will govern. the current administration said he will not give equal attention to those that voted him in and those that did not vote for him.
    There are several things that one can continue to count on why GEJ is the best president of all time with all the best intentions, but was blackmail by the apc who can not even provide simple nepa!

    GEJ is my best president since independence.

  4. Ooo my God ..it's only God can help Nigeria… We need a good leader in aware country Nigeria.. Obasanjo is good 👍

  5. What actually broke my heart is how Nigerians are so stupid in a sence that we don't know politics as the whole those people play politics in a way that if you never lead you will never know what is the point of consideration under their trips as a result of that we take the worst leader making him to be best and backverser… I will like to enlight my respected Nigerians about key point to be noted when judging b/w those pple 1.peace 2.corruption and the rest fallows not that they are not important but these two are the chart of the list so now let us judge, if we take out the 6 best years we have from independence before everything get colapes because people their are highly appreciated we find that the only leaders we have are let murtala Muhammad, Yar adua, buhari and may b abacha I mentioned him because affurtunity was not given to him knowing that he has same policy as Gaddafi of libiya now we can see libiya today by the passage of time but others are not even deserved to be called even citizens of Nigeria let alone leaders the worst leaders we ever have are those who seased peace in the country but to my surprise some people are even strongly voting for them obasonjo sell our electricity and creat naija delta reaction peace has gone and corruption is their , good luck we know Boko Haram got worser and even affect the whole corners in naija and finish tenure living nothing in our account instead living lot of debts when buhari come he deducted his salary as the sign of change and we know this person he is not corrupt at all one he didn't get any savings to start blocking 50 yrs hole digging two he is not in uniform that can put things into order withing short time period he has to write a bill pass on to legislature chamber which delayed some couples of month before senate approved and danger was left to him in its higher red the city is even about to fall the question is that where is the money we have been earning last 16 yrs back being the best time for Nigerian currency at all the time what about naija dalta and Boko Haram just because you eat at a lower price means everything what about the major political points knowing that without peace nothing can be done that's all what new president tried to do to bring peace back to the country by closing boarder this is one of the reasons to stop this criminals from exporting heavy weapons I had being in maiduguri since 2011 and we saw the result if not by the help of this man by now I swear by now many Nigerians have immigrated to other countries including me some even by foot because peace is everything just recently efcc caught former minister of petroleum with Nigerians 20 yrs budgets only in her pocket where is the leader then are those people actually human beings by the way we even got some people given them title I don't think with such kind of brains we can move Nigeria forward even in next generation think about it my dears is the fact.. In conclusion the worsest leaders ever in Nigeria were Babangida the destroyer of any good before him obasonjo by by selling all we have abroad including electricity creating jobs over their instead of his country and instability of the country u know what I mean and good luck living people ruling for him very weak to the point that he has no idea on security…. The fact are their we cant deny unless we no nothing about our own country which is embarrassing point.. I think we find a leader that can at list fight insecurity and corruption he just need time to prove the rest for us because he can only stop this imagine 50 yrs injury the collapse is already their and by the way the price of crud oil reduces more than was in last two govements in which we saw little my people are so hurry in things we don't have patient and that will affect us not to observe things as it is when these two are stopped then we hope from the upcoming leaders to start building a better Nigeria we have to wake up my fellow Nigerians I beg you please and please it's time to start activating our system inside our heads.. I do really apologize if I hurt the feelings of any one I am just trying to make it real.. Thank you

  6. Nigeria present and past presidents are individualist and exceptionally ignorant. There is No Best among The Thieves, Nigeria has never been represented by the best among us. Because of purchasing vote from subjects, who are prepared to offer their privilege for nut, Nigerian don't generally vote by practicing the national right, legitimately. This lawmaker moved toward becoming their identity by influencing and paying voters.

  7. Nigeria leaders are jumping from friending pan to fire. NIgerians have no leaders they are yes ma'am n yes sir leaders they seek advice from the colonial masters before anything is done, the colonial masters will never give u a good advice because they are fighting hard for their own interest ,they know how to entice the leaders by promising them good school's for their children, getting them a good deal to house's , assistance to transfer their funds but what these fool's understand is when they kicked the bucket their families day's to poverty are numbered because the colonial masters inherited everything the available properties are taxed and if the family have no money to pay, everything is confiscated " that 's penny wise and pound foolish ' they are only good for accumulating unnecessary title's to bully their neighbors or opponent's.

  8. We generally has not gotten a president in Nigeria who is selfless we had not gotten any president in Nigeria who had the goodness and well-being of the general public at heart . So we pray on and look forward to the intervention of God from Above . But if one must say something Good luck is a little better . Is his little input. There alot of reasons. Talk about dollar rate. Talk about fuel pump price. Talk about waisting Nigeria money in abroad in the of illness. Herdsmen meness. Boko haram in his tenor was instructed by the Buhari coholts to distabilize his government. Insecurity now is incomparable .GDP was on the highest during Good luck tenor. And alots more.

  9. Obasanjo is the best… His tenures were full of actions and fruitful functions. May God bless him, even as he is not perfect

  10. My Nigeria people don't let just decieving our selves, let wipes all the Nigeria Leaders , and we invite the white people to come back and recolonize us for more years

  11. This is a joke. dissapointed in this question. Asking this question confirms that Nigeria is a joke. You call any of these past guys great? Joke. Rwanda will take over soon. Continue joking around.

  12. Umaru Yar'Adua implemented most projects that Johnathan oversaw, he was a visionary and a man that truly loved the country, I'll put him ahead of Johnathan any day, Johnathan comes second though even with the corruption.

  13. Nice video….. please subscribe to my channel. I upload videos on lifestyle, family, relationship, education, life abroad, everyday challenges and many more. Thanks…….. BukolaRY_TV 😍😘

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